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Taming the Turmoil

A Blog by Tara M. Hagan

I have been writing a blog titled, “Taming the Turmoil” since July, 2016.  I invite you to take a look at some of my posts.  Why is it called "Taming the Turmoil"?  In my interaction with thousands of teenagers and their parents, teens often feel turmoil about so many areas of their lives.  Turmoil over friends, significant others, grade point averages, courses to take, family concerns, social media, performance in athletics, “what do I want do be”, and the list goes on and on.  While I do believe there are peaceful moments in teens’ lives, it has become evident that this stage has become one containing uneasiness, worry, and doubt.



What I hope to share through this blog is most importantly tools or ideas for teenagers and the adults who care about them that will help navigate them through these years with as little turmoil as possible.


High Anxiety Teens

 Our teens are hit with an enormous amount of information every day and it seems like they never take an opportunity to “turn it off”.  I believe it increases the intensity of their emotions and often leaves them feeling very anxious.


Summer Suggestions for Teens

When I created this list I based much of it on the fact that our teens really are very committed during the school year and I feel these suggestions would fit nicely during the summer months and would also help alleviate some of the pressure and work teens face during the school year.


Living Authentically
Self Acceptance

Recognizing who we are, what we value, and what makes us tick is so important for healthy development in our lives. Identifying our strengths and weaknesses and accepting them as a part of who we are is also important. 

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